Joint Venture Percussion Duo

Ravel Arrangement Project

Le tombeau de Couperin (1914 - 1917)*

        I. Prélude

        II. Fugue

        III. Forlane

        IV. Rigaudon

        V. Menuet

        VI. Toccata

Ma mère l’oye (1910)*

        I. Pavane de la belle au bois dormant

        II. Petit Poucet

        III. Laideronnette, impératrice des pagodes

        IV. Les entretiens de la belle et de la bête

        V. Le jardin féerique

Pavane pour une infante défunte (1899)*

Alborada del gracioso (1904 - 1905)*

Commissionning Project

If only I could be ... (2010)**

by Pascal Schumacher (LUX)

Premiered at Shanghai World Expo 2010

Commissioned by Sacem, Luxembourg

The Signature in the Box (2011)**

by  Yu Oda (JP)

Premiered during the Debuut Tour  2011

Réflexions de la mer (2011)**

by Fred Momotenko (NL)

Premiered during the Debuut Tour  2011

Commissioned by the Nederlands Fonds voor Podium Kunsten, NL

Aerial (2013)**

by Adria Stolk (USA)

Premiered in April 2013 in Boston, USA

Y+Y (2013)**

for detuned marimba, detuned vibraphone and crotales  

by Igor Iofe (UZB)

Premiered during the Composers Festival at the Amsterdam Conservatory, NL

May 2013

灯影 - ...Out of the Shadow  (2013)**

by Tak-Cheung Hui (CN)

Premiered at Qinghua University, Beijing, CN

October 2013

UUNT (2013)**

by Justin Barish (USA)

Skoulikomirmigotripa (2014)**

by Trevor Grahl (CA)

Commissioned by the Forum d’Art Contemporain, Luxembourg

up and down (2014)**

by Noriko Koide (JP)

Repertoire Pieces


by Anders Koppel


by Emmanuel Séjourné

Sahaj Manush

by Marcin Blazewicz

Kazan Trilogy

by Theo Loevendie

Nagoya Marimbas

by Steve Reich


by Jacob TV


by Anna Ignatowicz

Udacrep Akubrad

by Avner Dorman

Etude in c# minor *

by Frédéric Chopin

Three Preludes *

by George Gershwin

Chaconne *

by Johan Sebastian Bach

Histoire du Tango *

by Astor Piazzolla

Colorful Clouds are Chasing the Moon *

by Jian-Zhong Wang

Autumn Moon on Calm Lake *

by Pei-Xun Chen

Project with Pianist Pascal Meyer

Credo in US

by John Cage

Tombeau in Memoriam Gérard Grisey

by Phillippe Hurel

The Signature in the Box **

by Yu Oda

Anatomic Views (on two rhythms)**

by Roland Wiltgen

Premiered in Jan 24 in Luxembourg Conservatory Auditorium

Commissioned by Sacem, Luxembourg

Adapted by Joint Venture Percussion Duo

** Written for Joint Venture Percussion Duo